The Cats’ Gallery

The Cats’ Gallery
Series: PlayTable, Book 1
Genre: Children
Publisher: Creative Communications to Connect
ASIN: 1482008556
ISBN: 9781482008555
Sophia is a talented 4 year old artist. One night her cats do something very strange with her art.
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About the Book

Ages 3-9

What happens when a published author and his artistic granddaughter team up to tell a fun story? The Cats’ Gallery is created.
Sophia is a talented artist who is somewhat concerned that the people in her family are the only ones who think her artwork is good. Then one night, something very strange happens. Her cats invite some of their friends over and …
This colorful book is packed with Sophia’s artwork from when she was only 4 years old. Her sometimes silly Grandpa Mac wrote the words.
This children’s book will help you connect with each other while you laugh at those crazy cats. A great story with colorful pictures.
Don’t miss the fun photographs at the end of the book.
Find a grandchild and together enjoy a fantasy called The Cats’ Gallery.

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